How to Connect My Laptop to My TV Wirelessly

By Sam Surgalski

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Desktop/Laptop

  • Television

  • IOGEAR Wireless USB Audio/Video Kit

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Since the dawn of the Technology Age, people have been trying to improve their lives through the use of computers. One miraculous invention is the ability to connect a laptop or desktop to a TV. This is a great helper for watching online shows, movies, and YouTube videos on your TV instead of your laptop, giving you the benefit of an expanded screen and a more vivid picture. This can be accomplished with the right equipment and following these simple steps.

Purchase an IOGEAR Wireless kit from any dealer. They are available from Target, Best Buy, or online through Amazon.

Connect the computer adapter to your desktop/laptop by plugging the first two extenders into your computer. They will be both serial and USB ports.

Plug the VGA port into the back of your television. The VGA port is usually located in the back center of your TV, but sometimes it is on the side or in front.

Turn on your computer and let the hardware install itself. Once the desktop/laptop recognizes the program, it will automatically start sending wireless signals to your TV.

Find the correct channel on your TV, and enjoy wireless streaming from your computer!


It is usually cheaper to buy an IOGEAR kit online.