How to Troubleshoot the DISH Network Remote

by Gwen WarkUpdated September 28, 2017

The DISH Network remote control allows the you to control the receiver box for your DISH Network service. The remote has advanced functions and can be used to control other devices, such as your television, if it is properly programmed. When there are difficulties with the remote, these functions will not work properly. Troubleshooting the DISH Network remote begins with resetting the remote itself.

Remove the battery cover to the remote and take out the batteries. Replace with new batteries, taking care not to mix the new with the old. Even if batteries still appear to have a charge, this can impair the remote's functioning.

Verify the device code for the device you are looking to control. Press and hold the mode button for the device until all the keys on the remote light up, then release. Enter the three-digit device code (see resources), then press the pound (#) key. If the mode light flashes three times, check to see if your device is now working.

Allow the remote to scan for the device. Performing an automatic scan may find your devices without having to manually program each one. Turn on the device you wish to have the remote access, then select the mode for the device on your remote. Press the "Address" button and make sure the mode light is flashing slowly before continuing. Press the "Power" button, then use the arrow keys to scan through the codes. When the correct code is reached, the device will turn off. Press the "Address" button to save the address to your remote.


Certain devices may not be controllable through the DISH network remote. If the remote does not respond after a battery reset, contact DISH network support for a replacement remote.


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