How to Delete Preinstalled iPhone Apps

by Heath WrightUpdated September 28, 2017

Technically, you cannot delete the original apps on an iPhone. You can delete apps that you have downloaded to your iPhone, but not the apps that are rooted in the factory settings of the iPhone. However, there is a way of moving the original apps to another area, which gives the appearance of the original apps being removed.

How to Delete Preinstalled iPhone Apps

Press any app icon gently until all the apps begin to wiggle. Remove your finger from it and then press your finger down on the app you wish to "delete." Drag the icon to the right through each icon page until you reach the last usable icon page on your iPhone.

Repeat this process until your iPhone homepage has the apps you wish it to contain. You can order the apps on the last iPhone page by dragging and dropping them around the iPhone page if you want. This last page has now become your spare app page which contains the apps you do not wish to have on your iPhone homepage, but cannot delete from your iPhone.

Press the homepage button on your iPhone and the apps will stop wiggling.


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