Star Wars Games for Kids

By Stephen Andrew Baldwin

Updated September 22, 2017

Star Wars is one of the greatest science fiction tales ever told, and with new books being written every year, creating endless story lines to play out in every Star Wars game. Aside from video games, there are Star Wars board games and role playing games, many of which are aimed at a younger audience.

Video Games

They have been making Star Wars video games almost as long as they have been making Star Wars movies--from the original arcade game, to an assortment of franchise series titles. Some of the newer games for modern consoles have been rated “T,” for a teenage audience, but there are still plenty to choose from for any age range. For instance, “Lego Star Wars” is rated “E” for everyone, which puts Lego characters in a Star Wars environment. Alternatively, many of the older Star Wars games on the Nintendo consoles are age appropriate for a younger gaming audience.

Role Playing Game

Star Wars also makes a number of role playing games for kids and adults alike. Role playing games are a turn based fantasy genre where the player gets to experience their character’s perspective like Dungeons and Dragons. In this case the fantasy world landscape is not a medieval world but a futuristic Star Wars galaxy. Wizards of the Coast is a third party company who pays to use the rights to Star Wars themes and characters, and they make a number of role playing games. Some of their titles include: “Star Wars: Saga Edition,” “Knights of the Old Republic,” “The Force Unleashed,” “Scum and Villainy,” and “The Clone Wars.”

Online Games

On the official Star Wars website, there is a whole section devoted to kids. To keep up with the phenomenon of the new Clone Wars series, Star Wars has taken advantage of the younger fan base catering an entire website of online games exclusively to them. Among the numerous games you can play are: Trench Run, Quest for R2-D2, Clone Weapons Training, Force Jump Training, Droids over Lego, Swamp Station Sweep, Star Wars Soundboards, Gunship Over Florrum, and more. The games range from flying, to shooting, to side scrolling action, and even some non-traditional types of games. All of these games should be appropriate for kids of all ages.