How to Make a Population Pyramid Online

by Sophie LevantUpdated September 28, 2017
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A population pyramid is a graph which depicts the age-sex structure of a given area. The viewer can also discern population growth, birth and death rates, as well as life expectancy. While many people create population pyramids using Microsoft Excel, this comes with a learning curve that may prove frustrating to those who are looking to make a basic graph. Online population pyramid generators take some of the work out of this task.

Organize your data, if necessary. Set age groups. If you are creating the population pyramid for a class, set your age groups according to your teacher's instructions. Otherwise, use what you feel is appropriate based on the data. Many population pyramids begin with zero and set age groups in intervals of four. Note how many men and how many women fall into each age group.

Use a website to create a population pyramid. offers a free online population pyramid tool (see Resources).

Give your population pyramid a title and subtitle. Assign a bar color for males and another for females. Type in the area, the year the data was collected, and the source of the data.

Input the data. Enter the age groups from youngest to oldest in the left-hand column. Enter the number of males and females who fall into each age group in the right-hand columns.

Enter your name and e-mail address. Click “Done” to generate your population pyramid.


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