How to Fix Internet Explorer if It Closes & Re-Opens

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

The Internet Explorer web browser comes preinstalled on any computer that has the Windows operating system. You may experience problems from time to time when using Internet Explorer, such as the browser closing and reopening. This can be a very big inconvenience, especially if the closing of the web browser causes you to lose work. There are a variety of reasons Internet Explorer may close and reopen, so there are a few different steps you can take to fix the problem.

Delete Browsing History

Open Internet Explorer and click the “Safety” category.

Select “Delete Browsing History.” A window will open.

Choose all of the six listed options underneath the line at the top of the window. Do not select the “Preserve Favorites website data” option.

Click “Delete,” and certain data as well as the browsing history will be deleted from Internet Explorer.

Disable Add-ons

Open Internet Explorer and click “Tools.”

Select “Manage Add-Ons” and a window will open.

Choose “Toolbars and Extensions” on the left side of the open window.

Scroll through the listed toolbars and extensions and click on any newer non-essential items.

Click the “Disable” tab at the bottom of the open window.

Reset Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click “Tools.”

Choose “Internet Options” and a window will open.

Click on the “Advanced” tab at the top of the open window.

Select “Reset” at the bottom of the open window. A second window will open.

Choose the “Delete personal settings” option and then click “Reset.” Internet Explorer will be restored to the original browser settings.


Spyware and viruses can also cause Internet Explorer problems. Running a scan with both an anti-malware and anti-virus program once a week is recommended when using any web browser.