How to Send Out Email Without Showing Addresses

By Joanne Green

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Email account

Email is a vital form of communication, especially when it comes to getting your message to several people at once. Whether you're trying to protect the privacy of your contacts or keep a co-worker or friend in the loop without anyone else knowing, learning how to hide email addresses from readers is a valuable tool. Follow these easy steps, and you, too, will be sending emails without showing addresses in no time.

Access the Internet

Turn on your computer, and log on to the Internet.

Access your email account by entering your user name and password when prompted.

Click on the option that allows you to write a new email.

Type your email address (the address you are sending the email from) in to the field marked "to" or "email recipient." You are effectively sending the email to yourself and, therefore, the email will appear in your inbox as a new email.

Locate the field marked BCC, which means blind carbon copy (a throwback to the days of typewriters). This tool allows you to hide email addresses from a recipient, with the exception of the sender's. Depending upon your email provider, this field will be beneath both the "email recipient" (or "to") line prompt and the CC (or carbon copy) line prompt. Some email providers disable the CC and BCC lines. They are easy to enable and will show either next to or directly beneath the "to" or "recipient" prompt as a hyperlink. Click on the BCC hyperlink, and an address bar will open beneath the "to" or "recipient" email address prompt.

Enter the email address of each person to whom you wish to send your correspondence in the BCC line, separating each email addresses by a comma. Enter the text or images you wish to include. Click on the "send" icon. The BCC email addresses will be visible on your copy of the email, enabling you to see the intended recipients. No one else will be able to see any of the other recipients.