How to Send SMS without Displaying the Sender Number

By Editorial Team

You can send a private SMS message without displaying the sender number. You can use this if you want to tease a friend or if someone you work with can't receive private texts on a work phone number.

Please note: Do not send malicious texts this way because your number can be traced. If you send a private SMS message, the only way it will be private is that the number is not displayed on your recipient's caller ID.

Visit a website that allows you to send free SMS messages like They have a link to an international site that is outside of the US and Canada. You can also send an SMS message if you were to send it through an email or your carrier's wireless service.

To send a private SMS through your carrier's wireless service, look up their homepage and find the "send a text message link". It is usually in the upper left hand corner of their navigation menu.

In the "from" field, you can leave the section blank or you can enter any name of your choosing to send the SMS message privately. You can get creative here. Type your recipient's number in the "to" field. If you are sending through an email system you will have to know your recipient's email address. It is usually in the form of Here is a list of the most popular service provider email addresses.

Type your message in the text field and once you accept the terms and conditions and click send. Remember; if you are sending your SMS message through email be aware that there is a character limit. Abbreviate shorter words and longer phrases to save you some character room.

Depending on which service you use, it may ask you to confirm sending without a point to send from. If it does, you can get creative here and add an alias or and email address. You may also be asked to read and accept terms of service before sending. Accept the Terms and click "send".

Your private SMS message is now sent!


Please do not use this message to send threatening, violent, inappropriate or otherwise offensive sms messages to people you may or may not know. Your phone number is still traceable even though it will not show on your recipient's caller ID. Be smart. ;)