What Cell Phones Are Compatible With iTunes?

By David McGuffin

Updated September 28, 2017

Apple's iTunes has become one of the most widely accepted music and media players in current times. iTunes easily links with other programs, iPods, iPhones as well as other cell phones. However, there are a limited number of cell phones that are able to link with iTunes. If finding a phone that is compatible with iTunes is a non-negotiable feature for you, then be sure to do your research and look at reviews for each phone to see how it treats connecting with iTunes.


Although the most obvious, the iPhone is the phone made by Apple. Each new generation of Apple products is designed to increasingly be able to integrate more with other Apple computers and programs. The iPhone is the industry leader in smart phone technology and has a wide variety of applications to download from the Apple store. The iPhone is also one of the first phones to come out with touch-screen technology. Other features of iPhones include the ability to find and track your phone with added services such as Mobile Me, which also features wireless syncing with calendars and contacts from your computer. The downside of the iPhone is that AT&T is currently the exclusive carrier for the iPhone and the 3G network, which depending on your location may either be very slow, spotty or non-existent. Do your research on the network availability in your area if you plan on utilizing all of the features of the iPhone. If you mainly want the iPhone for its ability to link with iTunes, then there are some other options that you may first want to consider.

Motorola Rokr

In 2004, Apple announced partnership with Motorola to release a cell phone capable of integrating with the iTunes application. Until then, no other phone was able to do so. The Rockr has been around for many years and has refined its ability to sync with iTunes and carry your music with you wherever you go. According to CNET reviews, the Rokr has exceptional music playback quality and comes with a speakerphone and "user-friendly controls." However, one downside includes the lack in ability to download songs wirelessly. The Rokr is only able to upload songs via iTunes. The memory can only hold 100 songs at a time, unless you opt for buying more memory to install. The iTunes interface is "sluggish" and has a slow transfer rate from iTunes as well. Since the release of the Rokr, Motorola has released many other phones that integrate and sync with iTunes.

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre is a newer phone that is also able to integrate with the iTunes application. Exceptions with syncing include DRM files and ACC songs, which are protected by the file designer. Palm Pre's are also able to extract and reproduce similar playlists and album artwork, making it even closer in competition with the iPhone. The only difference between the iPhone's ability to integrate with iTunes and the Pre is the ability to upload iPhone apps. Other features of the Palm Pre include the ability to use the phone as a USB drive for your computer files or to charge it through the USB port.