How to Get the Pin Number for the Wii

By Casey Helmick

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wii with Internet access

  • Phone

The Nintendo Wii is a game console that gives players added content for their favorite games by allowing them to connect to the Internet to play against other players worldwide and even swap player-made content. Many Nintendo Wii owners do not want unwanted guests using their Nintendo Wii to access the Internet and will set a security PIN number which is required to access the Internet. Many players will often forget their PIN number and lock themselves out of the features they use. Finding and resetting this PIN number is an easy process that all Nintendo Wii owners should know.

Attempt to access an online channel from your Nintendo Wii. If you have a privacy setting, a box will appear asking for your PIN number. The default PIN number is 0000 for all Nintendo Wii systems. Enter 0000 and press "OK." If this is not your PIN, you will get an error message asking you to try again or answer a security question.

Answer the security question if you can. When answered correctly your PIN number will be reset back to the default pin and you will be able to go into your system settings and set a new PIN number.

Enter a new PIN number in the PIN number box and continue to try and guess the PIN number. After five failed attempts to guess the Nintendo Wii’s PIN number you will be prompted to call Nintendo Wii’s customer support. The number, along with a small code, will be displayed on the screen.

Call the number provided by your Nintendo Wii console and explain the situation to the customer service representative. Provide them with the code so that they can gather more information on your Nintendo Wii system. If you are connected to the Internet the customer service representative should provide you with your PIN number. If for some reason the representative cannot access your console they will provide you with steps to manually reset your Nintendo Wii’s settings back to default.


If you are the only person using the Nintendo Wii, you might not want to set a PIN number. The PIN number will block anyone from accessing the Internet from your Nintendo Wii. If you decide that you need a PIN number for your Nintendo Wii you might want to write it down somewhere that you’ll remember it. Writing it on the bottom of the Nintendo Wii will give you an easy-to-remember reference point while also concealing it from anyone you might want to hide the PIN number from.