How to Get an iPhone to Automatically Connect to Wi-Fi

by Kefa OlangUpdated September 28, 2017
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Wi-Fi is one of the most convenient features because it enables you to connect to a wireless network and access the Internet wherever you are. On an iPhone, Wi-Fi gives you blazing Internet connections and enables you to view web pages, stream videos and download applications at a fast space. You can enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone very easily using some simple steps.

Turn on your iPhone and tap the "Settings" icon on the desktop to launch the Settings window.

Tap "Wi-Fi." Tap the "Wi-Fi" button to turn it on. When you see the blue "ON" icon, it means Wi-Fi is enabled.

Scroll down and tap the "Ask to join networks" button to turn it on. When you enable this feature, your iPhone automatically prompts you to join a wireless network whenever one is within range. Keep in mind that some Wi-fi networks contain a password security, so to join the network, you have to contact the administrator of the wireless connection for the password. Once you have the password, select the Wi-fi connection on your iPhone, and enter the password. Tap "OK" to join the Wi-Fi network.


You will not be able to join a password secured wireless connection if you do not know the administrator password.


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