How to Draw a Decision Tree Using Word

By Jessica Reed

Updated September 28, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Microsoft Word provides several drawing tools that are helpful for both companies and individuals. You can create a variety of diagrams using these tools regardless of which version of Microsoft Word you are using. Microsoft Word is a good choice for creating a decision tree to help with important choices and decisions. Business decisions are often easier to make once a diagram is created showing the possible outcomes. Microsoft Word provides the tools you need to create a decision tree in a few minutes.

Plan your decision tree out on paper first. A rough sketch or a list will help you when you're drawing the tree in Microsoft Word. You'll have a general idea of how many boxes to create and how much room you need to draw the entire diagram.

Locate the drawing tools on Microsoft Word. If you're using Word 2007, the tools are located under the "Insert" tab in the "Illustrations" section. In older versions of Word, the tools are located on the Drawing toolbar, which you can open under the Tools menu if it's not already visible in your document.

Click the "Shapes" button to bring up a list of the shapes you can draw. You can choose whatever shape you want for your decision tree, but circles or squares typically work the best.

Click the icon of the shape and click on the screen where you want to start the shape. Drag the cursor outward to create your first shape. You'll want this first shape large enough to type your ultimate problem or decision in.

Click the Line tool next and choose either a plain line or one with an arrow on the end to chart the flow of the diagram. Drag two lines from the bottom of the first square out about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. Create two new shapes and click the "Text Box" button. Drag a text box over each shapes and type a possible solution or decision in each one. If you have more than two options to choose from, create additional lines and shapes.

Repeat this procedure down the page, creating more boxes for each possible course of action you can take or decision you could make. Add text to the boxes as you go so you don't get confused. Once you're finished, check for any decisions you might have forgotten and add them to the decision tree.