How to Save Games on Nintendo DS

by Michelle VarsallonaUpdated September 22, 2017
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The Nintendo DS is portable for a reason. You need to be able to pick it up and put it away quickly at all times: on a train, on a plane, traveling far in a car or wherever else life takes you. With the constant growth of technology, DS games are making this more and more possible. The DS still uses the classic way of saving a game, but it also has games that save automatically when you reach certain points.

Press the “Start” button on the DS to pause the game.

Select “Save.”

Select the slot (if available) you want to save the game in. Some games offer the ability to save multiple games.


Some games save automatically. In this case, all you need to do is complete whatever actions you are to perform or complete the mission you are on, then turn off the game.

In some games, you must move to a certain spot in the game to save. This is common in role-playing games. There are specific monuments, stones or areas throughout the game world where you will have the ability to save the game. You cannot pause the game to save and the game does not save automatically. If you do not want to lose your information, you must navigate your way through the world to get to a nearby save spot.


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