How to Put Games on a PS2 Hard Disk

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • HDLoader

  • PS2 Hard Disk

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The Sony Playstation2 is a video gaming console that was released in 2000 and dramatically changed the video gaming landscape. It used a DVD drive that was capable of playing movies as well as games, and also had an Internet port which used the original PlayStation Network to play games online. Sony also introduced internal hard drives that allowed users to save their games directly on the console instead of a memory card. You can also save entire games on the PS2 hard drive and play them from there.

Turn on your Sony Playstation2 and remove any disc in the optical drive. Insert the HD loader program into the DVD drive and close the drive. Start the disc as you would your normal Playstation2 video games or DVD movies. Wait as the program loads in the Playstation2 and you will be presented with the HDLoader main menu.

Select “Install” from the main menu. You will be asked to switch out the HDLoader disc with the game disc that you want to copy to the hard disk drive.

Open the DVD drive and remove the HDLoader disc.

Insert your game disc into the Playstation2 drive and close the drive. The game will automatically be copied to the hard disk drive. Wait as the game is copied. HDLoader will notify you when the game has been completely copied over.

Remove the game disk when it is finished and the game will be stored on the hard disk of your Playstation2. Reinsert the HDLoader disc into the PS2, select the game from the list of installed games and your game will start.