Good Names for War Games Profiles

by Adam TavangaranUpdated September 22, 2017
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When playing video war games, it is important to pick out a good profile name. The profile name is the first thing your online opponents see. Therefore, a good name can show your opposition and friends that you are serious.


Striker is a good profile name for a number of reasons. First, the word "striker" indicates an offensive-minded and aggressive player. Second, to strike an opponent or an opponent's base is often relevant in war games.


The name sniper is a good choice for players who liked to use a sniper rifle during game play. However, even if a player normally uses different weapons, the name can still refer to a player's shooting accuracy.


The word torrent is defined by as a violent, turbulent stream of water. If you consider yourself a fast moving and violent player, this profile name could be a good option.


Reflex is defined by as being an automatic response or reaction. In gaming, having fast reflexes can separate good gamers from the great gamers. As a result, choosing "Reflex" as your profile name can highlight the fact that you have superior reflexes than the other players.

Surname Variation

If you prefer to use a profile name that resembles your real surname, there are a number of variations you can use. For instance, if your name is John Smith, you can make your profile name Jsmith, Smith, or any other combination. This can be a useful way for your friends to easily identify you while in game.


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