How to Unlock Tracks In Mario Kart Wii

By Marissa Willman

Updated September 22, 2017

i Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Mario Kart Wii" is an update of the popular "Mario Kart" video game series that was first done for the Nintendo 64 system. This game allows players to race around various tracks as their favorite Mario persona. Completing various achievements allows players to unlock new characters, vehicles and racing modes. Before you can unlock these extras, however, you'll need to unlock the complete set of racing tracks. There are a total of 32 tracks in "Mario Kart Wii": The eight "Cups" contain four tracks each.

Obtain a trophy in the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup to unlock the tracks in the Star Cup. To get a trophy, you have to finish each cup race in first, second or third place.

Complete the tracks of the Star Cup with a score that earns a trophy. This will unlock the tracks of the Special Cup. Note that the Star Cup is more difficult than the previous cups and it may take several attempts to get a trophy.

Complete both the Banana and Shell Cups with a trophy to unlock the Leaf Cup tracks. The Banana and Shell Cups are retro cups that feature upgraded reincarnations of tracks from previous versions of "Mario Kart."

Complete the Leaf Cup, another retro cup, to unlock the Lightning Cup tracks. The Lightning Cup features some of the most difficult tracks from previous "Mario Kart" games.