How to Add Routes to Garmin

By Candi Lemon

Updated September 15, 2017

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Mapping software such as Garmin's MapSource enables you to create routes that tell you how to get from one place to another. You can use the software to add waypoints along the route, rearrange these points, delete them or even reverse the route. Once you have created a route that you want to transfer to your GPS, use your Garmin USB data cable to add the route to your Garmin GPS device.

Open the MapSource program on your computer and press the "Ctrl" plus "R" keys on your keyboard to open the "Route Properties" dialog box.

Click the "Find Places" button in the dialog box and type in the name of the city, point of interest, address or intersection you wish to create a route to. Click "Insert Waypoint" to add a previously created waypoint to the route. Repeat these steps until you are finished adding points along your route.

Highlight each point and click arrows to move that point up or down in the list if you wish to edit or rearrange points along your route. Click "Invert" to reverse the route if desired. Click "OK" to save the route.

Connect the mini-connector on the Garmin USB data cable to the back or side of your Garmin GPS unit. Plug the other end of the cable to a free USB port on your computer.

Click "Transfer" from the MapSource window toolbar. Hit "Send To Device" selecting the name of your Garmin GPS device from the drop-down menu.

Check the box (or boxes) next to the route data you wish to send to your Garmin GPS device in the "What To Send" window.

Select "Send."