Dragon Quest 8 Casino Tips

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

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“Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King” is a role-playing game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. The game contains two casinos the player can gamble in, which can be found in Pickham and Baccarat. The three games in the casino are slot machines, bingo and roulette. Several pieces of equipment can only be acquired by using the tokens won from the casino.

Pickham and Baccarat Casino

The casino in Pickham only has slot machines and bingo. This casino also has cheaper, but lower-quality, prizes. The casino in Baccarat has roulette, slot machines and bingo. The prizes in Baccarat are also significantly better. It is best to ignore the Pickham casino and only go to Baccarat.

Save and Reload

The easiest way to ensure a steady rate of token gain in the casino is to abuse the save system. This works no matter what game you are playing. Save before going into the casino. You should save the game every few minutes as long as you are winning. Reload your last save if you ever find yourself losing a large amount of tokens on a bad bet.

Winning at Roulette

Roulette in Baccarat casino has the highest rate of token gain over time as the other games. It is also substantially easier to win than bingo or slot machines. The most efficient method is to bet on the long columns. This means placing the bet on both horizontal lines between the three boxes on the right hand side of the table. This strategy guarantees steady money if used repeatedly.

Best Prizes

You can minimize the amount of time you need to spend in the casino by only purchasing the best prizes. This helps to avoid wasting tokens on weaker items. The Gringham Whip is the best whip in the game, making it a good purchase for Jessica. Liquid Metal Armor is one of the best suits of armor in the game and is one of the ingredients needed for Metal King Armor, the best armor in the game. The other pieces of equipment can be good if you get them early enough, particularly the Falcon Blade, but will eventually be replaced by better equipment.

Turning Tokens to Gold

The tokens in the casinos have no use other than betting and buying prizes in the casino. Players will often find gold to buy items from shops to be in short supply in “Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King.” It is possible to turn casino tokens into gold by buying prizes and selling those prizes to a normal shop. The most lucrative prizes for this are Magic Water in the Pickham casino and Prayer Rings in the Baccarat Casino. These items both offer the highest token-to-gold ratio.