How to Record Your Voice on an iMac

By Brendan O'Brien

Updated September 28, 2017

i David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iMac computer brand is created and distributed by Apple. The computer comes with several software programs already installed on it including "GarageBand," which allows you to record your voice alone, or mixed into musical tracks and podcasts. The computer also comes with a built-in microphone. The software also lets you edit audio files. The process of setting up to record your voice for a voice memo or making an audio note takes about five minutes.

Open GarageBand 3 on your iMac. Please note that newer versions of GarageBand may have slightly different screen layouts and menu titles from those described below.

You can find GarageBand on your iMac by clicking to your "Hard drive" icon on your desktop. Click on the "Applications" link on the left side of the window that opens. Scroll through the list of applications. Double-click on "GarageBand" when you find it. Garageband will open.

Click on "New Music Project" in the dialog box that opens. Name the file in the "Save As" field. Choose a place for it to be saved in the "Where" drop-down menu. Click "Create." The "GarageBand" interface window will appear.

Hit the large plus sign button at the bottom left of the interface. Choose "Real Instrument" in the window that appears.

Click "GarageBand" in the menu bar above the interface. Scroll down and hit "Preferences." Select the "Audio/ MIDI" button. In the "Audio Input" drop-down menu, select "Built-in Input."

Hit the big red "Record" button on the bottom of the interface. The recorder will begin. Hit the big red button again to stop it. Click "File" and scroll down and hit "Save."

To listen to the recording, open iTunes and drag the saved file icon onto your library list. Highlight the recording and click the large arrow button in the top left of the iTunes interface. The recording will play in iTunes.