How to Setup Netflix for Wii

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix has come a long way since 1997. What began as a disc-based mail-order rental service has become one of the pioneers of digital distribution. Netflix's digital distribution service offers thousands of movies and televisions shows that users can watch instantly from a variety of devices, such as the iPhone, PC and the Nintendo Wii. Netflix is not available immediately on your Wii when you first turn it on; you must download the program from Nintendo's Wii Shop before you can begin using it.

Select the "Wii Shop" channel on the Wii's main menu and choose "Start."

Select "Start Shopping" and choose "Wii Channels."

Select "Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii."

Select "Free 0 Wii Points" to begin the download.

Choose the location where you will save Netflix. You can select either the Wii System Memory or an SD card.

Select "OK" and select "Yes." Your download will begin, and a Netflix channel will appear on the Wii's main menu.

Select the "Netflix" channel, located on the Wii's main menu, and choose "Start" to launch Netflix. The first-time setup screen will appear.

Select "Yes" to indicate you are a current Netflix subscriber. If you are not, you cannot use the service until you sign up at the Netflix website.

Enter your Netflix email address and password. Select "Continue."

Select a television show or movie in any category to begin watching it instantly.


You must be a Netflix member to watch Netflix on the Wii.

If there is an issue setting up Netflix on your Wii, contact Netflix customer support (see Resources.)