How to Permanently Delete Text Messages From a Cell Phone

By Joshua Benjamin

Updated September 28, 2017

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Texting has become one of the more popular methods of communication between cell phone owners. It's a cheap, fast way of getting in contact with a friend or family member, without the need to waste valuable minutes on a phone call. Eventually, however, you're going to have to delete those old text messages to make way for new ones. It is important to know how to delete messages from your cell phone because, eventually, you will fill up the storage space on your phone and will be unable to receive any more texts until you clear out the old ones.

Turn on your cell phone.

Access your "messaging" menu. The method for getting here will vary from cell phone to cell phone, but it is typically accessible from your phone's main menu.

Go to your inbox. This may also be called "received messages" or some variation thereof.

Select the message you wish to delete. Again, depending on your phone, you may be taken directly to your text message, or be presented with a list of options. Either way, when you see an option to "delete," select it. The text message will now be deleted from your phone.


Depending on your phone, you may also be presented with the option to delete all the messages in your inbox. This can be a useful tool, if you do not have any important information saved in the text messages.