How to Transfer iTunes From Your Computer to an iPhone

by Andrew SmithUpdated September 28, 2017
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Your iPhone isn't simply a device used to place and receive calls. You can also use your iPhone to surf the Web, watch videos and listen to iTunes music. You may find that music saved in your iTunes folder does not transfer onto the iPhone when you sync the device with the iTunes software. This problem is caused by the iPhone settings that are saved on the phone. Changing these settings will allow you to manually transfer any iTunes music onto your iPhone.

Open iTunes. Connect the USB cord that came with the iPhone to the iPhone and plug the device into a USB port on your computer. When iTunes recognizes the phone, the program will list the iPhone in the “Devices” category.

Click the “Summary” tab located at the top of the middle iTunes window. Numerous options will be listed at the bottom of the same center window.

Choose “Manually manage music and videos” at the bottom of the center window and click “Apply” underneath the listed options to save the iPhone settings.

Select “Music” under “Library” found on the left side of the program to bring up all of the iTunes music saved on your computer.

Highlight all of the iTunes music you want to put on the iPhone and drag those files over to the phone listed under “Devices.” The iTunes music will be transferred onto your iPhone.


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