How to Transfer iTunes to a SD Card

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • SD card

  • SD card reader

i SD Card image by Haris Rauf from

Although SD cards are normally used with portable electronic devices such as digital cameras and wireless phones, SD cards are actually nothing more than a small, portable storage unit. This means you can actually use the SD card to save other content to the unit. This content can literally be anything from a Word document to a full program such as iTunes.

Connect your SD card reader to your computer via the USB cable running out of the back side of the device. Insert the SD card into the reader and, momentarily, the computer will state it has detected the removable device.

Download iTunes to your computer. Even if you already have the software installed on your computer, you should download it again. It makes the transfer process easier. You can obtain iTunes for free from

Double-click the downloaded iTunes software (you can find this either on the desktop or in a "Downloads" pop-up window).

Follow the prompts of the installation until you reach the "Installation location" page. Click "Browse" and select the connected SD card as the location.

Continue with the rest of the prompts and the iTunes software will transfer onto the SD card.