How to Open an MSN Email Account

By WilliamHanz

Updated September 28, 2017

You can set up an MSN email account.
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Microsoft provides a free email service to anyone who registers through its MSN service. The email address will allow you to register a user name that will allow you to access your email account from any computer or phone with an Internet connection. MSN provides an interface that allows you to sort emails and customize several options to your liking.

Open an MSN Email Account

Access the MSN account creation web page. From your desktop, open up your web browser of choice and navigate to the MSN email account sign up page.

Enter the required information to create an account. At the account sign up page, you will be required to enter information to obtain your email address, starting with the email address desired. Enter a name, and your email address will be created as the name you specified for use. A password then must be created to allow access to the account. Enter a password that is a minimum of six characters and retype the password to verify it is correct.

Create a secret question and answer. Select a question from the drop-down menu and answer the question in the field that follows. This will allow you to reset the password with a correct answer to the secret question if you forget your password. Additionally, an alternate email address can be entered for the same purpose, but this is completely optional. Enter in the text displayed in the image at the bottom of the page and click "Continue."

Submit personal information. To create your account, you will be required to submit personal information. This information includes your name, birthdate, gender, job details, marital status, country, state, zip code and time zone. After filling out the fields with your information, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

Read and acknowledge the MSN agreements. Read the MSN service agreement and the Microsoft online privacy statement. Upon reading, if you agree to the terms outlined in the agreement, retype your email address in the box that is provided and click the "I Accept" button at the bottom of the screen. Click "Continue" and you will be brought to your newly created email account with MSN.


Choose a password that is not easily guessed to protect the security of your account.

MSN also provides free email service through Hotmail.