How to Determine Firmware for Xbox 360

By Nick Miles

Updated September 22, 2017

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The Xbox 360 requires periodic software updates to fix bugs, add features and allow newer games to play properly. These software updates are referred to as firmware updates. Microsoft calls them Dashboard updates. They should automatically download and install when your Xbox Live-connected console turns on.

Turn on your Xbox 360.

Go to the “My Xbox” blade on the dashboard.

Scroll to the end and select “System Settings."

Select “Console Settings."

Scroll down and select “System Info”. Your firmware version will be listed on the bottom of the screen as D: 2.0.XXXX.0, with the XXXX being your version.


As of January 2010, the most recent firmware version is 2.0.8955.0, which was made available October 10, 2009.

If your firmware is not up to date, you can update by connecting to Xbox Live. If you do not have access to Xbox Live, you can download the update from Xbox Support and put it on your Xbox via a USB thumb drive or CD.