How to Delete Your Wii U Internet History

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Unlike the 3DS, the Nintendo Wii U does not feature a clear way to remove your Internet search history. The only way to properly delete the Internet history on the Wii U is by deleting the browser's data fully. However, this means you'll lose any settings you've made to the browser, as well as any bookmarks saved during searches.

Boot your Nintendo Wii U to the dashboard, opening the Internet Browser splash page. Don't load the browser completely; just bring up the start page.

Tap the "Settings" button in the upper right-hand corner on your controller. This opens up settings specific to the Internet Browser itself rather than the console.

Select "Reset Save Data" all the way on the bottom of the screen. Your history, along with bookmarks and personal settings, will be erased with your confirmation.


Remember to write down your bookmarks if you want to delete your save file.


There is no way to keep your bookmarks and remove just the Internet history.