How to Copy Movies to XBox 360

By Jordan Gaither

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer on same network as Xbox 360

  • DVD Shrink

  • TVersity Media Server

  • FFD Show DirectShow Filters

  • Windows Media Player (11 or higher)

i Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Xbox 360 has ushered in a new era of home entertainment consoles. It is able to store and play music, movies and pictures, as well as play games and connect to various online services. While the Xbox does allow you to rip your music CDs to its hard drive, due to copyright concerns the same ability is not featured for movies. However, if you do have some legally obtained movies you’d like on your Xbox 360, there is a way.

Download and install the software in “What You’ll Need” list. (Links are available in the Resources section.) Follow all installation instructions carefully, and make sure each program is working properly advancing to Step 2.

Insert the DVD into your computer and use DVD Shrink to rip the move to a folder on your desktop. You should be able to open and play the movie directly on your computer screen when this is done.

Open the TVersity Media Server and click on the Library tab. Click “Add Item,” browse to your newly ripped movie and select it. TVersity will upload your movie to the server online, where it can be streamed directly to your Xbox.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and navigate to the dashboard. Make sure the console is connected to your local network, and navigate to the “Video Library” tab with your controller.

Navigate to the “Select Source” menu. Choose the fourth option (usually something like “Computer” or “Windows PC”) and select it.

Run the required media test, then choose “Folders” from the list that appears. Your videos are inside, ready to be played!