How to Convert XBox Games to 360

By Perry Piekarski

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox Live account

  • Xbox 360 hard drive

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One of the perks of owning an Xbox 360 is backwards compatibility with a number of games in the original Xbox library. While it's unable to play every Xbox game, the Xbox 360 is capable of running more than 400 Xbox titles using emulation. If you have the original game disc, converting your old Xbox games for play on your new Xbox 360 is easy and as simple as keeping your console up to date.

Check to determine whether your game is compatible for play on your Xbox 360. There is a link in the References section.

Install your Xbox 360 hard drive if it is not already. Connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet using an ethernet cable or the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter (sold separately).

Turn on your Xbox 360 and sign into your Xbox Live account. If your system requires an update, follow the instructions to complete the process. You need the latest system update to play original Xbox games.

Open the disc tray and insert one of your original Xbox games. This triggers an application to enable backwards compatibility. Your system will prompt you for an update if needed.

Wait for the application to finish. If you interrupt the process, it could damage your console.


You must have an Xbox 360 hard drive to play original Xbox games.