How to Access Your Frontier Voicemail Account

By Faizah Imani

Updated September 28, 2017

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Frontier Communications provides Internet and telephone services to residential as well as business customers. When you subscribe to Frontier Communication's telephone service, you will have access to a voicemail box to for your missed telephone calls. You can access your voicemail messages from your office or remotely. If you have the "Enhanced Messaging" package, you can also access and listen to your voicemails online.

From Your Home or Business

Dial your Frontier voicemail telephone number from your business telephone line.

Use your telephone keypad to enter your password. If this is your first time accessing the Frontier Voicemail system, the default password is the last four digits of your business telephone number.

Press "1" on your telephone keypad to begin listening to your voicemail messages.

Press "9" on your telephone keypad to save messages you want to keep. Press "7" on your keypad to delete a message.

Press "*" on your keypad to exit the Frontier Voicemail system when you have finished listening to your messages.

From a Remote Location

Dial your Frontier telephone number from a remote telephone handset.

Press the "*" key on your telephone keypad to interrupt the voicemail greeting.

Enter your password.

Press "1" to begin listening to your messages.


Visit the Frontier Voicemail online web portal. A link to this portal has been included in the "Resources" section of this article.

Enter your Frontier Voicemail telephone number in the "Number" box.

Enter your password in the "Password" box. This is the same password that you use when checking your voicemail over the telephone.

Press the "Login" button. You will then see a list of all of your voicemail messages.

Use your mouse to "Double Click" on the voicemail message you would like to listen to.