How to Play "Chicken Invaders 3" Multiplayer

By Skyler McCloud

Updated September 22, 2017

i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Chicken Invaders series is based on the classic vertical-shooter gameplay style of "Galaga" or "Space Invaders" but is presented with a humorous twist. Players take control of a spaceship and fight predetermined waves of enemy chickens to try to net a high score. Every edition of the game features cooperative multiplayer gameplay so players can work together to get the highest score. In "Chicken Invaders 3," cooperative mulitplayer can be enjoyed using only one computer.

Hit the space bar at the start of the game, then click the left mouse button, activating local multiplayer.

Control the first player's spaceship using the keyboard to move. Control player two using the mouse.

Defeat the enemy chickens by shooting them. They come in 12 "galaxies" (or levels) of 10 waves of enemies each. Players one and two share a score that, as it increases, unlocks more powerful weapons.

Avoid enemy bullets. Players one and two also share a pool of lives, and when these are depleted the game is over.

Defeat the game in regular mode to unlock hard, then veteran mode for the ultimate Chicken Invaders 3 challenge.