How to Transfer Pictures From Your Cell Phone With Bluetooth

by Jocelyn KerrUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Cell phone with Bluetooth

  • Computer with Bluetooth

You only need one thing to transfer pictures from your cell phone with Bluetooth: successful pairing. Pairing creates a connection between any two Bluetooth devices, so they can share files. It's possible to transfer pictures from one cell phone to another, or from a cell phone to a Bluetooth-enabled printer, but some makes and models don't support full Bluetooth functionality. So, the easiest place to transfer pictures from your phone is to your Bluetooth-enabled computer.

Turn on your computer's Bluetooth. Most new computers will have a Bluetooth icon in the toolbar near the clock. Click on the icon to make sure Bluetooth is on or active.

Make your phone "discoverable." Scroll to the Bluetooth setting in your phone's menu. It's usually found in the "Settings" menu and will be listed under something like "Bluetooth Menu." There will be a setting that says "Make Discoverable" or similar.

Place the phone near your computer. This will activate the Bluetooth on your computer, and the two devices will "search" for each other. When they find each other, both devices will display a "passkey."

Verify the passkeys are the same. Look at both devices, make sure the numbers match and press "OK" on both devices. You're now paired. Your phone should appear in the Bluetooth menu on your computer.

Choose your phone from the computer's menu. This will open Bluetooth File Exchange or a similar program (depending on your computer). Your phone will prompt you to accept the request. Click "OK" or "Accept" on your phone. This will open File Exchange, and you should see your phone's files listed.

Open the "My Photos" folder in Bluetooth File Exchange to download your pictures. Some phones and computers will have different names for the program and folders, but once the devices are paired you should be able to navigate the files easily.


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