Mahjong Titans Strategy

By Julia Michelle

Updated September 22, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

"Mahjong Titans" is the mahjong game that comes standard with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Like most mahjong games, the objective of "Mahjong Titans" is to completely clear the game board by matching all the free tiles. Free tiles are any tiles that are open on at least one side. "Mahjong Titans" has six layouts, all with the same level of difficulty.

Strategies for Game Play

Before you begin a layout, scope out the board by right-clicking on the free tiles to find all the matches. Check the surrounding tiles to determine where removing tiles will do the most good.

Many of the layouts, like the “turtle” layout, have stacked pieces. Work from the top down whenever possible to free tiles hidden underneath.

On spread layouts, like the spider, work from the top down and the outside in. If you are unable to remove the top-most tile in the first move, reload the design by clicking on "Game" then "New Game." This gives you a new configuration. You may have to reload three or more times to get a favorable configuration.

There is no shuffle function. If you reach an impasse, try undoing the last 10 moves and find a different route. Alternately, you can reload the layout and start over.

Pay close attention to the available tiles number on the bottom left of the screen. If the number drops drastically, undo the last move and find a different match. Ideally, you want the number to go up or reduce by one as the pieces dwindle. If you are down to a single digit and still have many tiles on the board, consider undoing some moves.

Use the right-click button to find out if a tile is free and locate its matching partner tile. Right-clicking also highlights the next match, if there is one. Left-clicking on one of the highlighted matches automatically removes those tiles. Clicking on "Game" and "Hint" automatically highlights two matching tiles. Left-click on one of the highlighted tiles to automatically remove them.

Use the hints function sparingly. The matches that the game reveals aren’t the only ones and may not be the best option for winning the game.