How to Play 'Lego Batman' Game for the Wii

By Amanda Delgado

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wii

  • "Lego Batman: The Videogame" for Nintendo Wii

  • Wii Nunchuk

  • Wii Remote

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If you enjoyed playing the "Lego Star Wars" video games or if you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, "Lego Batman" for the Nintendo Wii provides an entertaining way to roam the streets of Gotham City. You can choose to save its citizens as Batman and Robin or spread mischief and mayhem as the Joker, Penguin or Riddler. The Wii allows you to perform some actions by physically moving your arms instead of just pressing buttons.

Getting Started

Place the game disc in your Wii console. Select the "Lego Batman" game on the Wii menu. Select “Start.”

Attach the Nunchuk to the bottom of the Wii Remote. Hold the Nunchuk in your left hand. Hold the Wii Remote in your right hand.

Press the plus symbol button. Select “New Game.” Press the plus symbol button, when prompted, to begin playing. Press the “C” button to skip cinemas.


Move the control stick on the Nunchuk to move your character or control a vehicle.

Press the “A” button on the Wii Remote to jump. If you’re using a character who can double jump, press “A” twice. Press “A” to stop using a vehicle.

Press the “B” Button on the Wii Remote to attack enemies or break Legos for studs. Press “B” and hold to activate a batarang, which is a boomerang you can use to break objects or attack enemies. Move the Nunchuk around while holding “B” until you see a targeting mark over an object or enemy and release “B” to throw the batarang. You can also hold “B” and move the Nunchuk and Wii Remote up and down as if you’re running to build objects.

Flick the Wii Remote up to use Batman’s grappling hook. Move the control stick to climb along the grapple line.

Press the “Z” button on the Nunchuk to do special moves, build objects from piles of Legos or pull switches.

Press the “C” button on the Nunchuk to switch characters or climb onto vehicles.

Press the “1” and “2” buttons on the Wii Remote to toggle through the characters selected for the mission when playing in Free Play Mode.

Playing the Game

Advance through the game by completing missions in Story Mode. Destroy enemies, build objects that you can use and make use of the different suits available to Batman and Robin. Look for Suit Swappers located in certain areas in each mission to change suits. Each suit comes with special abilities that you’ll need in order to perform specific tasks. Once you’ve completed one full chapter you can access Arkham Asylum to play through the missions from the villains’ side. The heroes’ side and the villains’ side each have three full chapters, which consist of five missions each.

Collect studs to get “Super Hero” or “Super Villain” status. You’ll find them throughout the game and you can also get them by breaking objects. Find and collect minikit canisters to build vehicles in the Batcave. Find the Red Power Brick in each mission to unlock extra items and abilities or suit upgrades which can be purchased with studs from the Batcave’s batcomputer.

Visit the hanger in the Batcave or Arkham Asylum when you’ve finished a mission. Climb onto a vehicle to access the Level Select Map. Use the Wii Remote to move the cursor over the level, or mission, you want to play and press “A.” Completing a mission unlocks the next one.

Select a character then choose “Free Play” on the mission menu screen to play through the mission with any of your available characters. This allows you to access areas or obtain minikit canisters and Power Bricks that require certain abilities or suits that the main characters in Story Mode don’t possess. You must complete a mission in Story Mode first before you can play it in Free Play Mode.


You can switch characters from almost any distance on the screen, unlike other Lego games that require you to be next to the other character.

A second player can join you at any time by pressing the plus symbol button on her remote.

Press the plus symbol button to get to the Pause menu. Press “Resume” to continue playing. Press “Drop Out” to leave the game at any time when you have two players. You can also access the Options menu and the Extras menu from the Pause screen.


Stand at least three feet back from your television and make sure you have space to move around while playing. Use the wrist strap to keep the remote from slipping out of your hand and hurting others or damaging objects.