How to Set Up an RSS Feed

By John Mitchell

Updated September 28, 2017

Setting up an RSS feed is an incredibly powerful way to share your website or blog's content with new and loyal readers. Many online publishing platforms incorporate a method of publishing an RSS feed; if your site doesn't, use a third-party option to set up your RSS feed. Google FeedBurner, FeedBeater and Feedity all provides RSS feeds for free or at a low cost.


Go to and sign in with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, create one for free by clicking the "Create an Account" button on FeedBurner's front page.

Type your website address into the box below the words "Burn a feed right this instant." Click the "Next" button.

Give your RSS feed a title and customize the feed address. When ready, click the "Next" button to set up your FeedBurner RSS feed.


Navigate to, type your website address into the "Enter URL Here" box and click the "Create" button.

Click the "Get an RSS Feed" option on the next page. A new browser window or tab opens with a generated RSS link.

Copy and paste the provided RSS link into your website for your readers to click and subscribe. You will have to manually edit the HTML source code for your site or blog. Place the link to the RSS feed in the header, sidebar or footer section of your site.


Open, type your site address into the "Enter the URL of the Source Webpage" box and click the "Preview" button.

Select a category from the "Select Relevant Category" drop-down box and click the "Get Feed" button on the next page.

Grab the RSS feed address that Feedity generates. You can create a hyperlink or linked icon to the feed address on your site or blog. Feedity free feeds limit you to 5 items at a time and a 10-hour update interval. Without an account, the site only stores your feed for 30 days if there are no updates during that period.

Click the "Create an Account" link in the "Signup for Exclusive Benefits" section if you would like to have frequent updates, feed customization, statistics and to remove the inserted ads.

Click the "Sign Up" button under the subscription plan that best suits your needs. On the next page, create an user account and provide your billing information. Feedity imports the feed you already created into your new account.


Don't forget to share the RSS link with your readers. The best way to do this is to post a link on the sidebar of your website. You can also link to the feed address with a small icon or graphic.