How to Delete Recording History on DirectTV

By Anni Martin

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • DirecTV receiver

  • DirecTV remote

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DirecTV, a television satellite provider, allows users who purchase a digital video recorder (DVR) to program television shows and movies from their TV. Whenever you record a show, the system generates a recording history list which includes shows which were deleted or canceled. According to DirecTV, the 2010 system does not allow you to erase individual programs from the recording history. You can delete the entire history of all recordings. If you want to do this, you need to reformat the disk of your DVR. Be forewarned, if you choose this option, you will lose all of your settings and your recordings.

Reformatting Your DVR

Turn on your TV and your receiver. Using the DirecTV remote, press the “Menu” button. A listing should appear on your screen with a number of choices. The remote arrow keys surround the "Select" button. You will need to use the down arrow keys to move your cursor down to "Parental, Fav's, & Setup."

Press “Select” on "Parental, Fav's & Setup." You will now have a new menu. Using the arrow keys, move your cursor down to "System Setup" and press the “Select” button on "System Setup." The Setup menu appears. Arrow down to "Reset."

Press “Select” when your cursor is on the "Reset" selection and another menu appears. You will now have several choices to reset your system. The system will give you a warning message for each one because this resets your receiver entirely back to factory defaults. Your history list will be gone as will all recordings you made and any presets you set up. To continue, move your arrow down to the "Reset Everything" selection.

Press “Select” on "Reset Everything." If you are certain you want to reset your system back to the factory defaults, press the “Dash” button located on the bottom left corner of your remote. If you have made an error, press the “Back” button. Resetting your receiver can take one to three hours.


The History listing is used as an aid to see what you were recording. It can also be used to see why something did not record. Parents often use the History listing to see what their children are watching so they can decide if any channels need to be blocked. The History display holds a few hundred recordings. As new recordings are made, the old recordings will be replaced, but the list will remain visible for some time.

According to DirecTV Technical forums, online purchases will not appear in your history list. However, purchases do appear on your Access card as well as your bill.


Do not do this if you have shows you would like to watch. They will be gone, as will your recording preferences.