How to Use Excel to Collect Form Data

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Updated September 28, 2017

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Microsoft Excel's Form tool makes collecting form data simple, fast and so easy even kids can set it up. You can enter up to 32 unique fields of data that becomes easily importable to Microsoft Access and other databases. Additionally, Microsoft has created an import assistant utility, 4Tops to make importing even simpler. 4Tops is available for free download at the Microsoft Office Online link listed in the Resources section.

Launch Excel. Generate a new worksheet for your form.

Create form field categories. Begin by entering category labels in cells in the first row of your worksheet. You may enter up to 32 fields.

Use your cursor to highlight fields only. Select the "Data" and then chose "Form." This will open Excel's Form tool, showing all your fields.

Instruct users to input data to form. Have each user enter data into fields. Select "New Record" to save data and begin new record between users.

Save the form and data. When finished, click on "Close." Finally, save the worksheet by choosing the "File" tab and selecting "Save As" and then "Excel Template." This ensures you will be able to use the same form later for collecting data at a later time.


If you cannot find the Data Form feature, you may want to add it to your Quick Access toolbar. Do this by selecting the drop-down menu next to the toolbar and choosing "More Commands." You will see "Choose Commands From"; choose "All Commands." From the list, select "Forms" and then "Add."