How to Clear a Netflix Watch Now List

by Eric PowellUpdated September 22, 2017
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Netflix has many options to help users enjoy movies in their home and on their computers. Online, Netflix allows users to select movies to be added to their own personal "Watch now" list. Selecting these movies is quite simple, but finding a way to remove them from your list is a bit trickier unless you know where to look.

Log on to your Netflix account, and click on the tab titled "Your Queue."

Navigate to the new page, and click on the new tab titled "Instant" which is in blue. Scroll down below the section showing recently watched movies to your instant list.

Look to the far right of your screen in a column titled "Remove," which is written in gray. Click on each light blue "X" next to the corresponding movies you wish to delete from your list.


This process is the same for your standard Netflix movies as well.


Once you delete a title from your list, you will have to search for it again if you wish to watch it.


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