How to Boot an Acer Computer in Safe Mode

by Kefa OlangUpdated September 28, 2017
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Safe Mode is a diagnostic component for computer troubleshooting and repair. Whenever you want to remove viruses or reinstall system components, Safe Mode enables you to do so because it allows only a limited number of drivers to run. Because it disables the network, it is also ideal for removing malicious programs that reinstall using a network connection. Launch your Acer computer to Windows Safe Mode quickly and easily.

Close the programs that you are currently using and click the Windows "Start" menu. Select "Restart" to restart your computer.

Press the "F8" key repeatedly before you see the Windows logo. This launches the Windows Advanced Options (Windows XP) or Advanced Boot Options (Windows Vista and 7).

Scroll down the menu and highlight "Safe Mode." Press "Enter" to launch Windows Safe Mode. When prompted, type your administrator password. Windows launches automatically into Safe Mode if you have not set an administrator password on your computer.


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