How to Create a Steam CS Avatar

By Steve Brachmann

Updated September 22, 2017

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In the computer gaming world, avatars are image files that are used to express your personality as a supplement to your user name. When you upload an avatar to an Internet server, other users will be able to view your avatar whenever they see your name. Steam, the popular online gaming server supporting games such as Counter-Strike (CS), allows users to upload avatars that can be seen in chat or during game play. Creating your own avatar for use with Steam CS makes that avatar very personal and can help you explore new options in your current image editing software.

Log on to the Internet and search for an image file to use as your Steam CS avatar. Save the image file as a .jpeg file or a .png file on your computer. If you want to make your avatar from scratch, disregard this step. If you plan on using the image file without making changes, skip ahead to Step 5.

Open your image editing software. Upload the .jpeg or .png that you saved in Step 1.

Modify your chosen image according to your personal taste. Make the avatar personal by adding your Steam CS player name to the image. Add image modifiers of a violent nature, such as sniper sights or plumes of fire, that are appropriate in the Steam CS world. If you have difficulty modifying your image in a desired way, find another image online containing the effect you want and import part of that picture into your modified image file with your image editing software. For example, search for images of burning buildings or infernos to find those plumes of fire that you’re missing.

Save the modified image file as a .jpeg or a .png. Close out of your image editing software.

Open your Steam software by double-clicking the Steam icon on your desktop.

Select "View" from the top margin in Steam. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu that appears. This will bring you to a dialog box describing your Steam profile settings.

Select the "Friends" tab from the top margin in the "Settings" dialog box. Select "Avatar Change" from the top left corner of the tab that appears. This will bring you to the "Edit Profile" dialog box.

Scroll down until you see your current avatar. Underneath will be a blank text box and a "Browse" button. Click the "Browse" button to open up a dialog box allowing you to upload an image file from your computer.

Use the dialog box to search for the image file that you saved earlier. Select the image file so that it is highlighted, and select "Open." This will bring you back to the Avatar portion of the "Edit Profile" dialog box.

Select "Upload," which appears as the button to the right of "Browse." This will change your avatar from the previous image to the image file you selected.

Restart Steam before playing CS, or any other Steam game, for the change to take effect.