How to Create Virtual Bobbleheads

By J.M. Soden

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • iPhone

  • Bobble U phone application

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Bobble U is a popular new iPhone application that allows you to create your own virtual bobbleheads. The application allows you to choose from a variety of hand-drawn cartoon figures to make the perfect virtual bobblehead. Cartoon images are available in many different themes, including sports figures, politicians, doctors, firefighters and ballerinas. To select a face for your virtual bobblehead, use a pre-drawn cartoon or upload a picture from your camera phone. Creating a virtual bobblehead is fun and easy!

Visit your iPhone application store and search for Bobble U from Kidnea Beans. The application should cost 99 cents to download. After downloading the application, exit the application store and return to the main menu of your iPhone. Scroll to your list of iPhone applications until you find the Bobble U icon. Since this is your most recent application download, it should be the last icon on your list. Open the application by selecting the icon.

Create a new virtual bobblehead by first selecting a photo to upload to the application. This photo must be on your iPhone in order for you to upload it into Bobble U. Once the photo is uploaded, you will be asked to create a bobblehead picture through one of two methods. The first method is to use a quick-mask cookie-cutter feature that allows you to crop a certain portion of a photo to be used as a bobblehead. While this is quick and convenient, the better option is to use the free-hand cropping tool using your index finger.

Place your finger on your iPhone screen and trace around the outline of your future bobblehead's face. Once you have completed this, your photo will be cropped and ready for use in the bobblehead creation mode. This cropping feature is especially useful when your bobblehead is wearing a hat or has a hairstyle that does not fit well with the quick-mask options. You can size your cropped photo using two fingers and the traditional zoom in and zoom out controls on your touch screen. Now that you have your bobblehead face, you will need to match it with the bobblehead body.

Select from a variety of cartoon hand-drawn body types available on the application. These body types are professionally drawn, and more body types are periodically available for download from the application update store. Once you have selected your virtual bobblehead head and body, your bobblehead is complete. If you are particularly proud of your creation, you can email your virtual bobblehead to friends, using a quick-button feature located in the bottom right corner of the application.

Activate your virtual bobblehead by shaking your iPhone. The head will wobble just like a real bobblehead, while the body stands still. When emailing your bobblehead photos, friends will also be able to shake your bobblehead if they too own a copy of Bobble U. If they do not own Bobble U, they will only be able to see the picture of your virtual bobblehead. Have fun, and start bobbling!