How to Hook Up Wireless Internet on the Wii

By Michelle Varsallona

Updated September 22, 2017

i Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Nintendo Wii console is a lot of fun for family and friends. Nintendo markets the system to enjoy at home with multiple people. Some people may not even know that the Wii has wireless Internet capabilities. Even though there are not many games to play online with the Wii, you can use the Internet to download games from the “Wii Shop Channel.” You also use it to send messages to friends and enjoy the different Wii Channels.

Ensure your wireless network is on and running correctly. Test this by opening a web page on a computer you know is connected wirelessly to the Internet.

Boot up your Wii by pressing on either the “Power on” button on the system or on a Wii remote.

Select “Wii Options.” This is the large button on the bottom left of the screen that says “Wii.” Remember, to select something on the screen, align the hand on screen with the button you want to select, and press on the “A” button on the remote.

Choose “Wii Settings.”

Select “Internet,” and then choose “Connection Settings.”

Select a “Connection” to set up. There are three to choose from. It doesn’t matter which one you pick. This is just available to let you switch connections easier. After choosing, start the setup process.

Choose “Wireless.”

Select “Search for an Access Point” to automatically search for a network in range, and then choose the network you want to connect to. Choose “Manual Setup” if you want to connect to a security-enabled network. You are then prompted to enter the "SSID" (network name), select the security type: "WPA" or "WEP" (don't select any if you don’t have a security key), and enter the security key. Hit on “Save.” Your Wii automatically tests the connection.