Cheats & Binds for Counter Strike 1.3

By Adam Tavangaran

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Counter-Strike," one of the most popular PC games of all time, was developed by Half-Life in 1999. The game allows players to pick from two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. In order to win, the terrorist team must plant a C4 explosive at a designated site and fend off the counter-terrorists until it detonates. On the other side, counter-terrorists can either prevent the terrorists from planting the C4 by eliminating them all, or they can diffuse the bomb once it's been planted.

Go Through Walls

In order to give your character the ability to move through walls, hit the "~" to bring up the command box and type in the word "noclip".

Auto Reload

If you want your character to reload after every shot, bring up the command box by hitting "~" and then typing in "+reload." In order for this cheat to work, you must be the host of the server. To turn off this cheat without exiting Counter-Strike, simply type "-reload" in the command box.

Auto Aim

The Auto Aim cheat will automatically direct a player's cross-hairs to the opponent's head. Therefore, a player with this cheat enabled simply has to shoot once (or twice depending on the gun) to kill an opponent. To enter this cheat, bring up the command box by hitting "~" and then type in "sv_aim."


The invisibility cheat will not allow other players to see you. However, it only works if you are the host of the server. To activate this cheat, bring up the command box by hitting "~" and then type in the word "notarget."

Bind Costumes

This bind (a way to program one key to perform several actions) will allow players to sync keys with certain costumers. The following is a list of costume binds that can be found on IGN's website (listed in references.) To use these binds, bring up the command box by hitting the "~" and simply type in the bind.

bind w "+forward;model sas" bind d "+moveright;model gig-n" bind a "+moveleft;model l337" bind s "+back;model arctic" bind uparrow "+forward;model vip" bind rightarrow "+moveright;model sciencetist" bind leftarrow "+moveleft;model gorila" bind downarrow "+back;model sas"