How to Get the Three Hidden Treasure Chests Hidden on Besaid

By Caleb Schulte

Updated September 22, 2017

"Final Fantasy X" was the first entry in the "Final Fantasy" franchise for the PlayStation 2. You play as Tidus, a teen who is trying to get back home after an event thrusts him into the distant future on his home world of Spira. To find the means to do so, Tidus must explore the vast world, aided by the friends he makes along the way. One of the first places he will end up is the small island of Besaid. Like all of Spira’s locations, the most valuable treasures in Besaid are seldom in plain sight.

Play through the game until you get the airship. Once you have free reign with the airship, which happens much later in the game, you can travel to Spira’s locations via the list, coordinate entry or password entry. Entering the correct passwords or coordinates, you can return to Besaid to recover the island’s most valuable treasures.

Enter the coordinates "X:31, Y:73." This brings you back to the top of the pillars in the Besaid Falls and will give you access to Kimahri’s weapon the Dragoon Lance.

Enter the password "VICTORIOUS," all in caps. You may have noticed an unreachable section of map on your prior visit to Besaid. Entering this password will bring you here, where you can pick up the Victorious Armor for Rikku.

Enter the password "MURASAME," all in caps. This is another section of map that could not be accessed in the Besaid ruins the first time around. The treasure chest here contains Auron’s Murasame sword.