How to Update the Firmware on a Sony Bravia

By Kenny Soward

Updated September 28, 2017

You should update the firmware on your Sony Bravia TV.
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Updating the firmware on a Sony Bravia LCD TV is essential to clearing up ongoing problems, enhancing current functionality and ensuring your Sony Bravia LCD TV maintains its top condition. For Sony Bravia LCD TVs, firmware upgrades correct a video auto-dimmer problem, improve menu navigation and repair several audio-related problems.

Update Sony Bravia Firmware

Visit Sony's website to update your Sony Bravia firmware. Click on the "Support" section and find the "Drivers/Software" area.

Select your TV model number. Locate the “Firmware" update. Download the file to your computer.

Browse to the directory where you downloaded the firmware update and double-click it. Unzip the file using the WinZip Self-Extractor.

Connect the USB storage drive to your computer, browse to the folder where the extracted firmware files are located and copy the files to the USB storage drive. Remove the USB storage device from your computer.

Turn off your Sony Bravia and insert the USB storage device into the “SERVICE” port located in the back of your TV. The “SERVICE” port is a standard USB input located in the rear of the TV in the bottom right corner. Consult your Sony Bravia user manual if you have problems locating the “SERVICE” port.

Turn on your Sony Bravia and wait for a message to appear on the screen notifying you that the update will take three minutes to complete. If the firmware you are attempting to use is incompatible with your Sony Bravia, you will receive a message to verify and download the correct firmware for your current model number. As long as the firmware is correct, you will receive a new confirmation message every minute that passes until the firmware upgrade is complete.

Remove the USB storage device once the firmware upgrade is complete.