How to Capture Son of Zakhaev in Call of Duty 4

By Heather Clark

Updated September 22, 2017

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In the video game "Call of Duty 4," capturing the son of Zakhaev is the main objective of Act II, Mission 14: Sins of the Father. Playing as Sergeant Soap McTavish, you and a group of Marines and Russian loyalists must track the son of the Russian Ultranationalist leader through a junkyard and apprehend him in order to obtain information.

Follow the strike team through the junkyard, past a car wreck. You will come across a dumpster; climb on top and take aim at the two guards in the tower located in the southeastern region of the junkyard.

Await the command from Price. When he gives the order to take them out, snipe at the two guards in the tower. After you've eliminated the guards, support the strike team by taking out other opposing forces with your sniper rifle, then head toward the diner.

After you've cleared the diner, look to the tables on the left side of the building, where you will find a laptop. Be sure to grab this laptop before the next portion of the mission begins. There will be a flash forward; controlled game play will resume once again in a tower.

When controlled play resumes, you will see two guns on the ground; grab them and await the arrival of enemy forces. Begin the ambush once the order has been given. Concentrate on enemies below. Zakhaev's son will be inside the jeep, so be sure not to shoot at it. Killing him will result in an automatic mission failure. This portion of the mission will end with the tower being blown up.

Begin following Zakhaev's son back through the junkyard. Backtrack around the cars, staying to the right of the buses. You will be confronted by a dog; shoot it and maintain your pursuit of Zakhaev's son. Continue running until you arrive at a paved road that leads north.

Look for a building on your right-hand side. Enter this building and eliminate the soldiers behind the barricades. After you've killed these soldiers, you can trigger the next checkpoint by running to the wall of the next building. Locate teammates Gaz and Griggs and follow them into the alley.

Open fire on the soldiers behind the fence in the alley. After these enemies have been eliminated, head east (going past the dumpster) and then north. Head up the stairs and help the team gain control of the junkyard from this area, using your sniper rifle if possible. You will also be able to find the next laptop here. After you have retrieved it, head down the stairs and go back around the buildings (to the northwest). Move along, firing at enemy forces, until you reach a set of stone stairs.

Go up the stone steps into the parking lot. Once there, take cover from the machine guns until the Blackhawk helicopter clears them out for you. When the coast is clear, enter the building and head for the second floor. Clear the floor and find the north stairway, which will lead to the third floor.

Find cover in one of the third-floor rooms while the Blackhawk helicopter continues to eradicate enemy forces. When the coast is clear, head to the roof of the building, where you will find Zakhaev's son.


While following these steps will allow you to complete the mission, Zakhaev's son will not actually be captured. After he is cornered by the strike force, Zakhaev's son will commit suicide to avoid capture. You cannot avoid this outcome.