How to Watch Television Shows with the Roku Player for Free

by ContributorUpdated September 15, 2017

Do you currently own a Roku Player? If so, you may not realize that not only can you watch your Netflix movies and Amazon on Demand but you can watch certain television shows also. Some of these TV shows include: Suze Orman, Mad Money, Fast Money, CNN, CNN Daily, CBS Evening News, Travel Channel, etc.

Hook up the Roku Player to your TV per instructions provided with the player.


You will need to add the Mediafly Channel to your settings. To do this click on Channel Store from the Home screen on the Roku player. Find Mediafly and add channel.

Once the channel is added, select Mediafly and click on popular videos and you will see different categories to choose from. Find the category you want to watch, such as CBS Evening News will be listed under the News Category. Select and begin watching. The cool thing is you can view other episodes as well with no more commercials!


There are other channels to add that are FREE. The Pandora Channel lets you listen to music from the Roku Player by finding artists that you like. It's personalized to your own music preference.

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