How to Convert Seattle Film Works Files

By Michael L. Harris

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Picture disks

  • Disk drive

  • Photo software

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Converting Seattle FilmWorks files requires Seattle FilmWorks software. The basic software was included on the Seattle FilmWorks picture disks. Decide before you begin which format you wish to convert to and the location on your computer you where the converted picture files will be stored. You will need a computer disk drive capable of reading the format of disk containing the files to be converted and an understanding of drive locations navigation.

Open the “Photo Index.” Insert the CD or floppy disk. It should open automatically. From the advertising menu, find and press the “Back” button. A new menu will appear. Press the tab labeled “Pictures on Disk.” Once your pictures appear, open them one at a time or as a group by highlighting one or more pictures. Multiple pictures can be opened by highlighting the first and then while holding down the “shift” key, clicking on the last shot to be opened. After highlighting one or more pictures, press “Open.” If the program does not open automatically, press your “Start” button, open “My Computer” and find the icon for the disk drive and right-click it. Then double-click the “Explore” tab. An icon should appear with a string of numbers. Double-click it and picture icons will appear. Pictures can only be opened individually from this location.

Open “Photo Works.” The initial step only opens the “Photo Index.” You must now open photos within the Seattle FilmWorks software. (Double-clicking only enlarges the picture and will not allow conversion.) Again highlight one or more pictures to be opened. Then click “Open.”

Convert your pictures. Once in “Photo Works.” highlight the first photo to be converted. Then press “File.” A menu will appear with a “Save As/Convert to” option. Press it. Now choose conversion options. First, choose the format of conversion from the drop-down menu under “List files of type.” Then highlight the asterisk next to the file type extension in the box under the “File name” option and retitle your picture leaving the extension as part of the title (i.e. “”).

Choose photo storage location. Designate the “Drive” from the options in the drop-down menu and the file on that on which the converted pictures will be stored by choice. Above the drive menu is the “Folders” option. Choose the folder on that drive where you will store your pictures by clicking the drive folder label and navigating through the options. When you have selected your options, press the “OK” button.

Repeat the process. Each picture must be individually converted. The conversion extension must be included in the file name. After converting, check to see that the files are in the designated location.


You may “X” out of “Photo Works” and “Photo Index,” but use the “Exit” button at the “Pictures on Disc” menu to avoid locking up the software.