How to Program DISH Network Remote Codes

by CameronUpdated September 28, 2017
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Whether you need to troubleshoot your DISH network remote control because it is not properly responding or you need to program a different remote control to the satellite network, you can easily re-program the remote by entering remote codes. Have the DISH Network manual handy as it has all the codes that you will need to program the remote control. Make sure that the remote control has working batteries and is not defective before performing any coding. Consult your satellite company if you feel that the satellite device itself is defective.

Locate the remote control's manufacturer in the back of the Dish Network instruction manual. If you do not have a manual, download one for free from Dish Network’s official website.

Turn the Dish Network media device on by pressing the "Power" button. Once the television comes on, press the remote’s "Power" button; a series of flashing lights or three quick green flashes will confirm that the remote control is ready to be set.

Press and hold the correct mode labeled “TV,” “VCR,” or “AUX” for five seconds. Release once the mode's red light stops flashing.

Enter the remote control's code—found in the owner’s manual—using the control's numeric keypad. The remote's light will flash green as you enter each digit. Then press the "Pound" button—once the code has been entered, the mode light will flash three times.

Verify the code by pressing the mode button of your choice, by turning the volume up and down or by changing the channel.


Call your DISH Network company if remote-control problems persist. You may need to try another code until the remote functions properly; the company may also be able to set up a "power scan" that can program your remote control.

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