How to Burn a CD on Mac

by Amy MarieUpdated September 28, 2017

Compact disc burning capability is a standard feature of Mac OS X; you don’t need any additional software to burn a CD on a Mac. You can burn any type of file onto a CD, including documents, photos, music and video. The CDs you burn are compatible with computers running the Windows or Linux operating systems. Compact discs are convenient for backing up files, transferring data between computers and sharing files with friends and co-workers.

Choose “New Burn Folder” from the File menu located in the main toolbar in Mac Finder.

Assign a name to your new burn folder. The CD itself will be titled with the same name.

Drag all the files you want to burn into the burn folder. You can create sub-folders within the burn folder to organize the files.

Insert a blank CD into the CD drive on your Mac.

Click the “Burn” button in the burn folder window. The Burn Disc window opens.

Select the burn speed.The default speed is the fastest speed compatible with the physical CD.

Click the “Burn” button in the Burn Disc window. The time it takes to burn a CD depends on how much data you are putting on the CD. While the CD is burning, a status window displays the remaining time.


The burn folder does not contain copies of the files, just aliases to the files.

You can also burn DVDs using this method.

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