How to Copy Music From XBox 360 to a Computer

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360

  • PC with a SATA port running Windows XP or Vista

  • SATA cable

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One of the most important features of Microsoft's Xbox 360 is its hard drive. This hard drive can be used to store any kind of data, such as movie or music files. If you wish to copy your music files from your Xbox 360 to your computer, however, then use an intermediary device, such as the Xbox hard drive. Since the Xbox and PC cannot directly interact with each other, removing your Xbox's hard drive will be necessary to transfer the files from one device to the other.

Remove your Xbox 360 hard drive by pressing the release tab on the front of the hard drive. Remove the unit from the console.

Using a SATA cable, connect your Xbox 360 hard drive to your computer.

Select "Control Panel," then select "Administrative Tools" on your PC's start menu. Then, select "Computer Management."

Select "Drive Management" in the computer management menu. This will be in the left partition of the screen.

There will be an unnamed drive in this menu that should represent the Xbox 360 hard drive. Right-click on the drive and select "Recognize Drive." Your computer should now be able to access the drive.

Copy all of the song files to your PC hard drive by right-clicking them and selecting "Copy." All of the files on the Xbox 360 drive should end in either ".wma" or ".mp3."


If you do not have an external SATA port on your PC, you can still connect the hard drive to your PC, but only by taking the PC case off and plugging the cable directly into your motherboard.


Do not, at any point, format your Xbox 360 hard drive while it is plugged into your PC. If you are asked to format the drive, just say no.